Personal Injury

Personal injury attorneys in Moultrie

In a situation where you or a loved one has suffered personal injury due to the actions or negligence of others, it can be overwhelming to deal with a legal process on top of everything. We are dedicated to helping you get the legal representation you need and deserve, so that you have one less thing to worry about. We can help you collect money for temporary or permanent disability, pain and suffering, other injury-related expenses and lost wages, among others. Call us to hear how we can help you. 

Vehicle accidents

Dealing with the aftermath of a car accident can be very stressful. There may be injuries, damage to your property or someone else’s, among other issues.

 Insurance companies can be challenging to deal with and you may not have the energy or knowledge to pursue your rights in the case. We are here to help you, so call us to hear about your options.  

Premises liability

Property owners have the obligation to keep their premises safe. Negligence such as building code violations, defective wiring, inadequate snow removal, among other things, can lead to serious consequences and it is important that property owners are held accountable when that happens. Call us to discuss your claim and we will evaluate the viability of your case, explore the options available and pursue compensation on your behalf.

Dog bites

Dog bites can have serious consequences, including disability and life-threatening conditions. In many cases, the victim can recover damages from the animal’s owner. Important aspects to take into account, for example are the circumstances around the incident and any prior warnings given. Contact us to get an evaluation of possible claims and to discuss how we can help you in your situation. 

Wrongful death

When the death of a loved one was caused by another party’s wrongdoing or negligence, it can make the grieving process even more difficult. While financial compensation will not bring a person back, it can help you get closure in the situation and mitigate any financial difficulties that may have been caused by the situation. Let us guide you through the process and help you secure any monetary damages you may be entitled to.

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